WHOBERTUS is inspired by the love of nature with all its facets and experiences as well as the desire to experience perfect moments together with its friends.


The selected bouquet of a dozen fine botanicals blends into a mild mouthfeel. The herbs and raw materials are handpicked and make with the powerful mountain spring water a natural and pure Dry Gin.

Smell / nose

Subtle citrus notes meet fine nuances of juniper and develop a harmonious freshness.


A mellow, pure and honest Dry Gin, where the juniper berries and the finely tuned fresh notes of citrus and lavender can unfold. This fruity note meets a fine spicy taste and the gently tart notes of the angelica root and iris root without appearing playful.



In the mountains of the National Park Berchtesgaden lie the most traditional mountain distilling huts in Bavaria. There, the WHOBERTUS is distilled at 1200m altitude. Tradition requires that the hand-forged still be wood-fired. Well protected, far from civilization, the mountain distilleries hold a precious and almost forgotten treasure: The oldest juniper distilling law of Bavaria from the year 1692. The traditional distillery and the selected bouquet of a dozen hand-picked vegetable ingredients of the highest quality and the mineral-containing mountain spring water make the unforgettable taste of  WHOBERTUS Dry Gin.



The search for the perfect distillery led the WHOBERTUS team to the Berchtesgadener Land. In the middle of a nature reserve, a narrow path meanders up the hill. The clear and pure mountain air is filled with the scent of the flowery alpine meadows. The turquoise water of the Königssee reflect the striking silhouette of the Watzmann. In the distance behind the dense coniferous forest sounds the roaring of a deer.